Ask the consultants: What can I do for muscle cramps?

I sometimes get cramps in my muscle tissues after exercising, what can I do? Natasha, 54

There are a selection of causes of cramp. It could be as simple as the type of footwear you could be carrying, so make certain that they’re supportive and correct to your toes. Stretching your leg muscle tissues will help too. Objective to carry out a bit of routine every morning or evening, stretching out hamstrings, quads, calves, hip flexors and gluteals. If you can purchase a foam roller or information a sports activities actions therapeutic therapeutic massage this will likely help with any explicit muscle tightness. Rising the time frame you prepare progressively is significant too.  Lastly, make sure you have good hydration, vitamin and sleep patterns as all these can affect your stress response and so set off cramps.


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